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“The joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that the mind of man can ever feel”

- Claude Bernard -

Publications in Scientific Journals

Editorial: Harnessing autophagy to improve plant quality and resilience

Signorelli S, Bhati KK.

Front. Plant Sci. 14, 1266982

Hydrogen Cyanamide Causes Reversible G2/M Cell Cycle Arrest Accompanied by Oxidation of the Nucleus and Cytosol

Velappan Y, de Simone A, Signorelli S, Considine JA, Foyer CH, Considine MJ.

Antioxidants 12, 1330

The autophagy receptor NBR1 directs the clearance of photodamaged chloroplast

Lee HN, Chacko JV, Gonzalez-Solís A, Kuo-En C, Barros JAS, Signorelli S, Millar AH, Vierstra RD, Eliceiri KW, Otegui MS.

eLife 12:e86030

Competitiveness and phylogenetic relationship of rhizobia strains with different symbiotic efficiency in T repens: conversion of parasitic in non-parasitic rhizobia by natural symbiotic gene transfer

Morel-Revetria MA, Berais-Rubio A, Giménez M, Sanjuán J, Signorelli S, Monza J.

Biology, 12, 243

Extracellular DNA of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense as a Priming Agent for Inducing the Resistance of Banana Plantlets

Meitha K, Hanisia RH, Signorelli S, Fausiah T, Iriawati, Esyanti RR.

Agronomy 13(2), 441

Contrasting seasonal dynamics of dormancy, respiratory metabolism and cell cycle state in grapevine buds of a subtropical and Mediterranean climate

Velappan Y., Considine J.A., Signorelli S., Considine M.J.

Food & Energy Sec. 12:2, e431 

Assessing photosynthesis in plant systems: A cornerstone to aid in the selection of resistant and productive crops

Calzadilla P, Carvalho FEL, Gomez R, Lima-Neto M, Signorelli S.

Environ. Exp. Bot. 201, 104950

Editorial: Editorial: Drought stress in legumes

Furlan AL, Gonzalez ME, Choudhury SR, Signorelli S.

Front Plant Sci. 13:1026157

Integration of reactive oxygen species and nutrient signalling to shape root system architecture

Tarkowski LP, Signorelli S, Considine MJ, Montrichard F.

Plant Cell Environ. 46, 379-390

Competitiveness and symbiotic efficiency in alfalfa of Rhizobium favelukessi ORY1 strain in which homologous genes of peptidases HrrP and SapA that negatively affect symbiosis were identified

Berais-Rubio A, Morel-Revetria MA, Giménez M, Signorelli S, Monza J.

Front Microbiol. 4:1092169

Plant Responses to Stress and Environmental Stimulus

Signorelli S.

Agronomy. 12, 2250

Mitochondrial activity and biogenesis during resurrection of Haberlea rhodopensis

Ivanova A, O´Leary B, Signorelli S, Falconet D, Moyankova D, Djilianov D, Murcha MW. 

New Phytol. 236, 943-957

The bud dormancy disconnect: latent buds of grapevine are dormant during summer despite a high metabolic rate

Velappan Y,  Chabikwa TG,  Considine JA, Agudelo-Romero P,  Foyer CH,  Signorelli S, Considine MJ.

J. Exp. Bot. 73:7, 2061–2076

Postharvest chitosan application maintains the quality of spinach through suppression of bacterial growth and elicitation

Meitha K, Pramesti Y, Signorelli S, Kriswantoro JA.

Hort. Env. Biotech. 63, 217-227

Soil water content directly affects bud burst rate in single-node cuttings of perennial plants

Signorelli S, Ratna J, Considine MJ.

Agronomy. 12:360, 1-8

Crop performance indexes applied to legume used as summer cover crops under water deficit conditions

Berriel V, Perdomo C, Signorelli S, Monza J.

Agronomy. 12:443, 1-11


Oh GGK, O’Leary BM, Signorelli S, Millar AH

Plant Phys. 188:3, 1521-1536

Autophagy mutants show delayed chloroplast development during de-etiolation in carbon limiting conditions

Wijerathna-Yapa A-Signorelli S, Fenske R, Ganguly D, Stroeher E, Li L, Pogson BJ, Duncan O, Millar AH.

T. Plant J. 108:2, 459-477

The barrier to radial oxygen loss impedes the apoplastic entry of Fe into the roots of Urochloa humidicola

de la Cruz-Jimenez J, Clode PL, Signorelli S, Veneklaas EJ, Colmer TD, Kotula L

J. Exp. Bot. 72:6, 3279-3293

Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition)

Klionsky D.J., et al.

Autophagy. 17:1, 1-382

Strategies to revise agrosystems and breeding for Fusarium wilt control of banana

Zorrilla-Fontanesi Y., Pauwels L., Panis B., Signorelli S., Vanderschuren H., Swennen R.

Nature Food. 1:599-604

The role of nitric oxide in nitrogen fixation by legumes

Signorelli S., Sainz M., Tabares-da Rosa S., Monza J

Front. Plant Sci. 11:521.

Endogenous ·NO accumulation in soybean is associated with initial stomatal response to water deficit

Casaretto E-Signorelli S, Gallino JP, Vidal S, Borsani

Physiol Plantarum. 172:2, 564-576

GABA and related amino acids in plant immune responses: emerging mechanisms of action

Tarkowski, ŁP, Signorelli S., Höfte, M.

Plant Cell Environ. 43, 1103-1116

The initiation of bud burst in grapevine features dynamic regulation of the apoplastic pore size

Signorelli S., Shaw J., Hermawaty D., Wang Z., Verboven P., Considine JA., Considine, MJ.

J Exp Bot. 71:2, 719-729

Rhizobium inoculants for alfalfa in acid soils: a proposal for Uruguay

Tabares-da Rosa S., Signorelli S., Del Papa F., Reyno R., Lattanzi F., Rebuffo M., Sabatini O., Sanjuán J., Monza J

Agrociencia-Uruguay. 23:2

Editorial: Sugars and autophagy in plants

Signorelli, S., Masclaux-Daubresse C., Moriyasu Y., Van den Ende W., Bassham DC

Front Plant Sci. 10:1190

Linking autophagy to abiotic and biotic stress responses

Signorelli, S, Tarkowski, ŁP, Van den Ende, W, Bassham, DC

Trends in Plant Sci. 24:5, 413-429

Autophagy in plants: both a puppet and a puppet master of sugars

Janse van Rensburg, HC, Van den Ende, W, Signorelli, S

Front Plant Sci. 10:14

Drought stress triggers the accumulation of NO and SNOs in cortical cells of Lotus japonicus L. roots and the nitration of proteins with relevant metabolic function

Signorelli, S, Corpas, FJ, Rodríguez-Ruiz, M, Valderrama, R, Barroso, JB, Borsani, O, Monza, J

Environ Exp Bot. 161, 228-241

Nitric oxide enables germination by a four-pronged attack on ABA-induced seed dormancy

Signorelli, S, Considine, MJ

Front Plant Sci. 9:296

Roles for light, energy and oxygen in the fate of quiescent axillary buds

Signorelli S, Agudelo-Romero, P, Meitha, K, Foyer, CH, Considine, MJ

Plant Physiol. 178, 1171-1181

Developmental control of hypoxia during bud burst in grapevine

Meitha, K, Agudelo-Romero, P, Signorelli, S, Gibbs, DJ, Considine, JA, Foyer, CH, Considine, MJ

Plant Cell Environ. 41:5, 1154-1170

Identification of Δ1-pyrroline 5-carboxylate synthase (P5CS) genes involved in the synthesis of proline in Lotus japonicus

Signorelli S, Monza JM

Plant Sig Behav. e1367464

Cell cycle arrest in plants: what distinguishes quiescence, dormancy and differentiated G1

Velappan Y, Signorelli S, Considine MJ

Annals Bot. 120:4, 495-509

Learning to breathe: developmental phase transitions in oxygen status

Considine MJ, Diaz-Vivancos P, Kerchev P, Signorelli S, Agudelo-Romero P, Gibbs DJ, Foyer CH

Trends Plant Sci. 22 (2) 140-153

The fermentation analogy: a point of view for understanding the intriguing role of proline accumulation in stressed plants

Signorelli S

Front. Plant Sci. 7: 1339

In vivo and in vitro approaches demonstrate proline is not directly involved in the protection against superoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and peroxynitrite

Signorelli S, Imparatta C, Rodríguez-Ruiz M, Borsani O, Corpas FJ, Monza J

Func Plant Biol. 43, 870-879

Photosynthetic responses mediate the adaptation of two Lotus japonicus ecotypes to low temperature

Calzadilla PI, Signorelli S, Escaray FJ, Menéndez AB, Monza J, Ruiz OA, Maiales SJ

Plant Sci. 250: 59-68

Connecting proline and γ-aminobutyric acid in stressed plants through non-enzymatic reactions

Signorelli S, Dans PD, Coitiño EL, Borsani O, Monza J

PLOSONE 10:3, 1-14

Proline does not quench singlet oxygen: Evidence to reconsider its protective role in plants

Signorelli S, Arellano JB, Melø TB, Borsani O, Monza J

Plant Physiol Bioch. 64, 80-84

Antioxidant and photosystem II responses explain the drought-heat contrasting tolerance of two forage legumes

Signorelli S, Casaretto E, Sainz M, Diaz P, Monza J, Borsani O

Plant Physiol Bioch. 70, 195-203

Molecular Mechanisms for the Reaction Between .OH Radicals and Proline: Insights on the Role as Reactive Oxygen Species Scavenger in Plant Stress

Signorelli S, Coitiño EL, Borsani O, Monza J

J Physic Chem B. 118:1, 37-47

Water stress induces a differential and spatially distributed nitro-oxidative stress response in roots and leaves of Lotus japonicus

Signorelli S, Corpas FJ, Borsani O, Barroso JB, Monza J

Plant Sci. 201, 137-146

Increasing Complexity Models for Describing the Generation of Substrate Radicals at the Active Site of Ethanolamine Ammonia Lyase/B12

Bonanata J, Signorelli S, Coitiño L

Comput. Theor. Chem. 975, 52-60

Nitrogen dioxide solubility and permeation in lipid membranes

Bonanata J, Signorelli S, Coitiño L

Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 512, 190-196

Book Chapters

The enzymatic quantification of ascorbate and glutathione in woody tissues: current state and limitation

Dewi JR, Signorelli S, Considine MJ.

In: Plant Reactive Oxygen Species

GABA and Proline Metabolism in Response to Stress

Signorelli S, Tarkowski ŁP, O’Leary B, Tabares-da Rosa S, Borsani O, Monza J.

In: Hormones and plant response. Eds: JF Corpas and DK Gupta. Springer-Nature.

Proline Metabolism and its Functions in Development and Stress Tolerance

Trovato, M, Forlani, G, Signorelli S, Funck, D.

In: Hossain M., Kumar V., Burritt D., Fujita M., Mäkelä P. (eds) Osmoprotectant-Mediated Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants.

Regulation of proline accumulation and its molecular and physiological functions in stress defence

Forlani, G, Trovato, M, Funck, D, Signorelli S

In: Hossain M., Kumar V., Burritt D., Fujita M., Mäkelä P. (eds) Osmoprotectant-Mediated Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants.

Caracterización de rizobios que nodulan Trifolium polymorphym

Tartaglia C., Guitérrez P., Sabatini O., Irisarri P., Signorelli, S, Rebuffo M., Monza J

Chapter 4 in: Cepas nativas para desarrollar un inoculante rizobiano competitivo y eficiente en trébol blanco. 33-45

Combined Abiotic Stress in Legumes

Signorelli S, Casaretto E, Monza J, Borsani O

In: Combined Stresses in Plants, Mahalingam, R. (Ed.)

Amino acids and drought stress in Lotus: use of transcriptomics and a plastidic glutamine synthetase mutant for new insights in proline metabolism

​Díaz P, Betti M, García-Calderón M, Pérez-Delgado C, Signorelli S, Borsani O, Márquez A, Monza J

In: Amino acids and their derivatives: significance for plant stress adaptations.

Outreach publications

Tentando la muerte con el oxígeno singlete

Signorelli S, Arellano JB.

Sociedad Española de Bioquímica y Biología Molecular, 209, 13-18.

Brevia: edición genómica en banana

Signorelli S.

Plantae: Boletín del Departamento de Biología Vegetal. Volumen 3, pp. 37.

MythBusters del rol de la prolina como antioxidante

Signorelli S.

Plantae: Boletín del Departamento de Biología Vegetal. Volumen 1, pp. 4-7.

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